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Snow Plowing - Hawthorne, NJ

Comprehensive Snow Plowing in Hawthorne, NJ

When it starts to get cold and we aren’t busy with driveway paving, our contractors are still in the area offering convenient snow plowing in Hawthorne, NJ. From driveways to streets, we provide the superior service you deserve at a competitive price you can afford. Get in touch with us to schedule snow plowing services or discuss your needs with a friendly professional. In addition to snow plowing, we provide year-round landscaping services including landscaping and hardscaping and lawn renovation.

The Importance of Prompt and Regular Snow Removal

The last thing most people want to do is stomp outside after heavy snow and shovel the driveway. Unfortunately, you can’t get to work, school, or your other responsibilities until your driveway and the street outside your home are cleared of snow. The longer you wait after heavy snow, the more difficult it becomes to remove the snow. Especially in “warmer” weather, the snow may melt or sink and then refreeze overnight, forming a dangerously slippery layer of ice that can pose a serious threat to pedestrians and your vehicle. When you count on us for all your snow removal needs, we plow your driveway and the street outside promptly and completely following any snowfall, so you don’t have to worry about slips, falls, or the costly liability these accidents result in if the pedestrian is a stranger.

Specializing in Street and Driveway Plowing

Plowing your driveway isn’t much use if you can’t get your car past the mound of snow at the end. We provide driveway as well as street snow removal so you can safely get your vehicle out of the driveway and on the road safely and without hassle. Often, after the city plows the streets, home and business owners are left with thick, heavy mounds of snow at the end of their driveways. These icy snow mounds make it nearly impossible for vehicles to enter or exit the property, and if they do make it over the snow, they could face serious damage to the undercarriage of their vehicle. Prevent any of these unfortunate situations by leaving your street and driveway snow plowing to us.

Call today for comprehensive snow plowing services from Rick Hockenberry Landscaping. We proudly serve clients in Hawthorne, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas.